updated 9/5/21


GUEST ARTIST | Larissa Velez-Jackson

Star Pû Method ~ In Partnership with Everything

A movement, vocal sounding, and speaking practice for dancers researched and formulated in the choreographic work of Larissa Velez-Jackson. Participants will exercise their creative personal power, humor and joy through a listening approach to their movement dynamics and the full instrument of their body (which includes their breath and sound). Participants will create from all of the information freely given from their body in any given moment. Here we practice being in partnership with Self, place, our training, history/herstory, skill, failure, each other... everything.





Paulina Colmenares


The posthuman body seeks emergent qualities rather than stable ones. It is not singular and defined but rather complex, fluid ambiguous and contradictory. Key to this movement/making dynamic directed practice is to cultivate the ability of the body to fluidly shift perspectives, forms and states through the exploration of multilayered improvisational scores, as well as the exploration of improvisation in a relationship of reciprocity with it´s conventional “opposite”,  set movement. We will strive to escape polaric and diccotomous thinking to instead achieve metasatable performative qualities; that is, qualities or states in potential; like melting solids, freezing liquids or condensing gases; focusing on the process of becoming itself rather than in the specific thing that we are “becoming”. Through these explorations and their accomodating and implicite failures, we will gain access to creative modalities of endless possibility and endless transformation.



Jocelyn Perez


This class is designed to guide movers through a movement practice of introspection while witnessing others. This virtual format will allow the individuals in the group to see and be seen.  A virtual or physical writing tool will be needed to journal throughout the practice. Let’s find a flow for your inner glow to surface.



Brandin Steffensen


In this class we will build improvisational structures together that inform how we make decisions and then use those structures to discover sites around the studio (or outdoor sites, weather permitting). Our site specific investigations will serve as the basis for understanding how we relate to each other in public spaces. We will consider how we can use this understanding in performance settings.




Utilizing spontaneity inspired by the structure of space we currently inhabit, we will explore twining activities aiming to bind us to each other’s actions, through the ether/digital ecosystems. unraveling space through investigations of embodied anatomy and imagination, participants will telescope in and out towards the group and their own domain, finding the facial thread between making and allowing. what kind of altered state arrives into our cellular structure as we connect to being present within the play of improvisation? how do we discover visceral experience through our senses in dialogue with the screen? in what way is this resistance?



Anna Brown Massey


In conversation, we shape at the point of utterance while taking parallel leaps of interest.  How like spontaneous speech can we correspond, arrive, and diverge in dance? In this  session we’ll witness how form arises in language to discover moving momentum with  others. We will tend the tone, weight, and musicality of our compositional rhythms. In a year  of grief, fear, and isolation, we will go towards the intimacy of building something new,  together.

* “shaping at the point of utterance” attributed to James Britton



Rebekah Chappell


I write this in June 2021, sixteen months into a global pandemic. I have been sitting with grief, practicing alone, yet together - layers of support manifesting. This practice session will draw on the rituals that have emerged, creating a container to collectively make space for loss(es)… The unfathomable. The invisible. That which has yet to become. The expected. The pain of waiting, of yearning, of longing; the grief that comes from a hope that may never be fulfilled. Our practice will contain that which can be seen, be heard, be understood. It will also hold the inexplicable.



Amy Chavasse & Paty Lorena Solorzano


In each of our spaces, we are surrounded by objects that give us possibilities for play, creativity and poetry. In this workshop, participants will employ the use of toys, mirrors and other objects at their disposal to explore the relationship between the body/object and each other across screens. We will begin with a warm up in our spaces, then continue with short group improvisation structures that employ the limitations of the zoom platform and our selected toys as tools for generating images and narrative.



Danielle Georgiou & Justin Locklear


This class outlines our preparation and production process for creating an original work of dance theatre and self-producing said work. We will offer our methodology, writing practices, and both rehearsal and performance processes. We will share the ways in which we engage with venues, festivals, producers, and community members.


Everyone’s work comes from a different place in their artistic journey and we want to give everyone in the class an opportunity to trace the steps of a small self-producing organization that has produced over 50 new works of dance theatre and site-specific installations in 10 years.